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Unbound Giving



We believe that every child deserves the right to go to school, and want to do our part to ensure access to education for children around the world.

In this effort, DreamTrust is proud to partner with the Yellow Boats of Hope Foundation, and recently funded the building of five boats (yellow, of course) to help children in remote areas of the Philippines – who normally would have to swim across dangerous rivers to get to school. Thanks to Yellow Boats of Hope, these kids can now be safely ferried across the waterways to and from their classes, providing them access to a valuable education that can help them escape poverty.

On November 17, 2021 – the newly-constructed boats from DreamTrust were successfully turned over to the fishermen of the communities in Zamboanga Sibugay – these self-paddled yellow boats will now go on to Purok Doldol in Calubihan and Mamagon.

These boats premiered in the Foundation’s Teach Anywhere Calubihan pilot classes, taking children to visit the Mamagon Yellow Boat Community in Naga, Zamboanga Sibugay. As Yellow Boats of Hope reports:

“It was a truly memorable day for the Calubihan kids as they were able to learn together with the other children. They conducted their classes in the area proving once again that education can reach even the farthest of places. This has embodied the essence of our Teach Anywhere program, being able to teach anywhere and give remedial classes to children who need support in their numeracy and reading skills – made possible of course by the boats you’ve donated.”