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When you travel with us, it is not just a journey -- each of our experiences makes a difference in the communities we visit, changing lives and inspiring joy. Each trip we design for you will help us contribute to our local partners, wherever we travel around the world. This could encompass everything from presenting quality school supplies, games, laptops, video projectors, and educational content -- even sending in construction crews to rebuild school bathrooms and building boats so kids have access to school across waterways. We pledge to make a significant difference on behalf of every client’s spend, the results of which shall be detailed in advance of each trip. With your involvement, you can help us make an impact through DreamTrust. Plus lasting memories, enduring support, and smiles.
We pledge to make a significant difference on behalf of every client’s spend, the results of which shall be detailed in advance of each trip.
We see the world as our stage filled with endless possibilities – and through our creative experiences, we relish the opportunity to help and entertain children across the oceans.
Through House of DreamMaker and Experientiality®, every client’s trip design incorporates the networks and much needed resources to help the communities we encounter.


We see the world as our stage filled with endless possibilities and wonder. As you will see, these experiences are ultra-luxe and not only built with passion, but with an authenticity to connect to each place we journey. Here is just a sampling of what we can design for you at The House of DreamMaker and Experientiality®.

There’s nothing like this trip anywhere in the world ~ not even close. The DreamMaker will design this experience according to your family’s personality. While The DreamMaker wants you to have the most authentic experience possible, you don’t need to engage Experientiality for a camping trip; but if you seek the best of all worlds (times past and present), the DreamMaker shall bring you into the Wild West and immerse you into its history and culture, while allowing you to eat well and sleep in comfort.

The contrast of Las Vegas and Sedona get the trip off to an interesting start, followed by a smorgasbord of sights like nothing you’ve ever seen and all enjoyed with walks, hikes, horses and your SuperCoach. A traveling staff of seven will follow behind you and your suite-on-wheels; more beautiful than any private jet its size. Your chef can whip up something at 60 mph on the freeway and your butler can make room service look yesteryear.

This one the kids must see and will remember forever and perfect for the all three generations to relish.


  • A 45-foot $2.6M SuperCoach for a family of 8 as you’re cruising 60 mph down the highway in your Hotel-on-Wheels.
  • Hand picked Wild West aficionados will guide your family through the famous larger-than-life cowboys that the American West was built on.
  • Jump on, jump off storytellers ~ most are handpicked authors of the books that bring the Wild West to your world and they cover it all ~ the Famous Towns ~ Lawmen ~ Justice System ~ Politics ~ Dining Habits ~ Life of the Cowboy & Indian ~ Values ~ Immigrants ~ Women ~ Weapons ~ Saloons ~ Entertainment ~ Drinking ~ Game (All brought to life with authentic pioneer memorabilia)
  • A variety of accommodations including a Hotel, Ranches, Log Cabins, B & B’s and a Homestead for 20 days ~ spanning from Nevada to Wyoming in a seamless manner.
  • A European Butler ~ 2 Videographers (one for the family and one to capture the beauty shots) ~ An extraordinary Chef (for camping and your private homes) ~ Professional Driver and his backup (also a mechanic) ~ An Experience Manager to execute flawlessly
  • Experience the American frontier in a much different way that it was explored 150 years ago. Get the low down from our hand-picked Professors of History & Famous Authors on Wyatt Earp, Butch Cassidy, Charlie Siringo, Blackjack Ketchum, Will Carver and The Sundance Kid …Oh, and you get to handle their guns.
  • Canyoneering, River Rafting, Ziplining, Tobogganing, Fly Fishing, Skeet and Bird Shooting, Rock Climbing, Trail Rides, Rodeo, Paintball and tons of Water Sports.
  • Encounters with an Expert on Cowboys of Color, Native Americans and their plight, Stories of local UFO Sightings, Astrophysicists, Metaphysical Therapists and Yoga.
  • Exclusive Vegas shows, private aircraft transfers and helicopter rides over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.
  • The top US National Parks – Zion ~ The Grand Canyon ~ Antelope Canyon ~ Bryce Canyon ~ Yellowstone ~ Grand Teton
``Unbound amazement requires utmost respect. Respect for you, your goals and your level of comfort. Respect for nature and the environment as we strive to minimize the footprint and ecological impact of all experiences we create. Respect for the communities you visit and that are supported by the positive actions we take and the positive impact you make. Respect for all the people who are involved in providing you with unbound amazement.``

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